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Terms Of Carriage
The carriage of a Guest is subject to Karthikeya regulations relating to the conditions of Non-International Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) framed in accordance with The Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and Notification regarding application of the Carriage which is non-international. These regulations are known as Karthikeya Non-International Carriage (passenger and baggage) Regulations 1992. The liability of the company for damage sustained in the event of the death or wounding of a passenger or any other bodily injury suffered by a passenger or by his registered baggage during the course of carriage by air will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the Second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc. as notified in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and as amended from time to time. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi only.

Karthikeya is a ticket less airline. An itinerary does not constitute a document of carriage. The Booking in the Karthikeya database is the primary record of carriage and in the event of any differences between the itinerary and the Booking in the Karthikeya database, the Booking will prevail.
1. All Guests, including children and infants, must present valid identification at check-in. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate travel documents at all times.
2. Check-in starts "2 hours" before scheduled departure, and closes 30 minutes prior to the departure time. Guests are requested to report at least 2 hours prior to departure time, at Karthikeya Check-in counters.
3. Cancellation / Changes within "2 hours" of departure or failure to check-in for a Karthikeya flight at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure will result in the fare being forfeited.
4. Schedule is subject to change and regulatory authority approvals.
5. Guests may carry a maximum of one piece of cabin baggage, as defined by BCAS guidelines, with an additional restriction of maximum weight of one piece of 10.0 kg, not to exceed 55cm + 35cm + 25cm (Total 115 cm). Due to airport security regulations, no cabin baggage is allowed on any flights originating from Jammu and Srinagar airports.
6. Karthikeya allows its Guests to check-in up to 20 kg of luggage, not to exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H), per paying passenger. Baggage in excess of 20 kg is subject to a fee to be paid at the airport at check-in. Karthikeya will accept excess baggage if space permits. Karthikeya may refuse to carry any luggage that does not comply with its policies.
7. Bookings are non-refundable. Failure to show up for the flight at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure will result in the fare being forfeited.
8. Any spicy promotional / auction fare purchased in conjunction with return fare cannot be cancelled or changed.
9. Where bad weather or instances beyond Karthikeya control has resulted in your flight being cancelled or delayed, Karthikeya will try to assist you to get to your destination, but will not be liable in any way for the delay or cancellation.
10. Karthikeya assumes no liability for wear and tear to luggage (scratches, torn zippers, straps, wheels, handles, scuffs, dents, soiling or manufacturer defects).
11. Karthikeya does not connect to other airlines; therefore, Karthikeya is not responsible for any losses incurred by our Guests while trying to connect to or from other airlines.
12. The consumption of alcohol on board is strictly prohibited.
13. Karthikeya reserves the right to refuse passage to any passenger that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or where Karthikeya believes it is necessary for the safety and comfort of you or other Guests or for the protection of property.
14. Smoking is not permitted on any Karthikeya aircraft.
15. Karthikeya highly recommends that you remove all valuables (cameras, jewelry, money, electronics, perishables, etc.) and medication from your check-in luggage and place them in your carry-on. Karthikeya will not accept responsibility for these items.

In case, the passenger decides to carry any valuables in their checked-in baggage against the above advice; they will do this at their own risk and shall not hold Karthikeya responsible for any pilferage / damage / etc. to such valuables. They shall lay no claim against Karthikeya, its employees, agents, successors etc in this regard.

16. Guests will be subjected to a security screening prior to boarding the aircraft. This is mandatory per Indian Regulations.
17. The company reserves to itself the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight or to alter the stopping place or to deviate from the route of the journey or to change the type of aircraft in use without thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. The Company also reserves to itself the right to refuse to carry any person whom it considers unfit to travel or who in the opinion of the company may constitute risks to the aircraft or to the persons on board.
18. If at any stage it is found that the aircraft with the booked load or passengers will be over loaded, the Company will have the right to decide which passengers or articles shall be off-loaded and such decision shall be binding.
19. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers or baggage. Receipt without complaint of registered baggage on the termination of the journey shall be prima facie evidence that the baggage has been delivered correctly and in good condition.
20. The Carrier’s liability for loss or damage to baggage is limited to Rs 200 per kg with a maximum of Rs 3000 only. The Carrier assumes no liability for fragile or perishable articles.
21. The reservation itinerary issued by the Company shall be subject to rules of cancellation made by the Company for the time being in force, which may be seen at our website www.Karthikeya.com or at our offices on request.
22. In the event of death of a passenger, or any bodily injury or wound suffered by a passenger which results in a permanent disablement incapacitating him from engaging in or being occupied with his usual duties or business occupation, the liability of the Carrier for each passenger shall be Rs 750,000 only if the passenger is 12 years or more of age and Rs 375,000 if the passenger is below 12 years of age on the date of the accident.
23. Children under the age of 12 require adult accompaniment at all times. Karthikeya will accept children aged between 5-12 years traveling alone as unaccompanied children (as per UNMR inventory). Karthikeya charges Rs. 500 per child, per one-way trip for offering this service in addition to the applicable fares for their travel. Guests should complete and sign an Unaccompanied Minor Form at the departing airports.
24. Karthikeya shall not be liable for any damage(s) resulting from acts of error or omission in timetables or other published schedules, representations made by its employees, agents or representatives with regard to the date and/or time of departure/ arrival or operation of any flight except in cases where it is proved that the intention is to cause such damage.
25. Karthikeya sells snacks/refreshments and juices on selected flights. Water is provided free of cost on all flights of Karthikeya.
26. Infants under the age of 2 years, and not occupying a seat, are subject to a fee of Rs. 525 plus the government PSF of Rs.225.
27. The use of wheelchairs is limited to only 4 guests per flight, which needs to be booked in advance through our guest Sales & Service Reservation center. There is no charge for this service. Karthikeya also offers appropriate assistance to blind passengers.We do not have the facility to handle patients on stretchers.
28. Sports/Skiing equipment will be attracting a fee of Rs. 500 per equipment, per sector subject to equipment weight being less than 12 Kg and in single piece. If there are more pieces it would be charged in multiples of Rs. 500 per piece if the weight is less than 12 Kg. For weight more than 12 Kg, it would be treated as a Check-in Excess Baggage, and charged @ Rs. 80 per Kg.
29. There would be a Congestion charge of Rs. 150 applicable, Web Transaction Fee of Rs. 50 (applicable on Karthikeya.com) or Transaction Fee or Rs. 100 (applicable through Airport or Guest Sales and Reservation Centre) for every booking in the basic fare addition to Fuel charge of Rs. 2250 or Rs. 2900 depending on the sector flown, and a Government Fee (PSF) of Rs. 225.
30. Spicy Code : Spicy codes are specific codes given out to our Guests to obtain a discount as and when certain promotional activities are carried out by Karthikeya. When a promotion occurs on Karthikeya, these Spicy Codes are given out to our Guests and/or Travel Partners through E-Mail or SMS, which may be used on the website to avail discounts on the basic fare.

Conditions :
  • Every spicy code is active for only a certain period of time.
  • Some spicy codes may be restricted to only Travel Partners/ Specific Travel Partners or may be given out to all our Guests.
  • Certain low fares may be excluded from these spicy code promotions.
  • Discount may be a fixed or a percentage value and the amount of discount may vary with every promotional activity.
  • Discount may or may not print on the Itinerary subject to the specific conditions of the promotional activity.
  • During the promotional activity, spicy codes can be used for any number of PNRs/Passengers.
Usage :

During the booking process, on the payment page, you would be given an option of entering the Spicy Code. On entering this Spicy Code and clicking Continue, the effective discount will be applied and reduced from the basic fare. Now, you can make the balance payment as per the payment options available on the site.
31. Foreign (Non-Indian) Credit Card Acceptance:

Karthikeya accepts payment for tickets through the use of Foreign Credit Cards. Karthikeya currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express. The credit card needs to be shown at the airport check뻟n counter for physical verification. The passenger name and credit card name should match. If there are multiple passengers booked on a PNR, at least one of the passengers should be the Credit Card holder. Passenger(s) who are unable to produce the physical credit card and/or the identity not matching with the credit card and photo identity will not be allowed to board the flight.
32. Karthikeya does not permit the carriage of animals on its flights.
“Baggage” means your personal property accompanying you on your trip. It consists of both your Checked Baggage and Cabin Baggage.
“Booking” (otherwise known as electronic ticket) means the details which we or out authorized agent have entered into our system relating to a journey.
“Cabin Baggage” (sometimes referred to as carry-on or unchecked baggage) means any of your Baggage other than Checked Baggage (You take your Cabin Baggage into the cabin of the aircraft with you.)
“Checked Baggage” means that part of your Baggage which we have taken into our custody for carriage in the hold of the aircraft and for which we have issued a baggage check.
“Guest” means any person with a Booking who is to be carried or who is carried on the aircraft, except members of the crew.

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