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Support : 

For international carriers, one area of operations that needs consolidation and improvement with respect to Airline services is the Flight Disruption Support/Rebooking Function. With most airlines, the rebooking activities are handled in a fragmented manner across various functional departments to cater to different ad hoc situations (cancellation, oversales, delays, etc). This often leads to inefficient services resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Airlines have started recognizing this as an area of concern and consequently, the centralized execution of all ad hoc rebooking activities across departments is becoming a critical business need.

During flight delays or diversions there may be an urgent need to process changes to the passenger's onward itineraries due to misconnections at the destination. IGT undertakes the complete process of rebooking the affected passengers with the first possible onward connection, helping airlines minimize revenue losses and passenger inconvenience, through:

  • Executing the ad-hoc rebooking for all inbound and outbound flights

  • Handling speed rebooking (typically within 3 hours of departure)

  • Handling rebooking requests based on projected passenger volumes throughout the year and especially the peak volumes during peak seasons and months

  • Managing multiple shift operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform these rebookings
  • Catering to multiple World time zones
IGT's Outsourced Flight Disruption Support/Rebooking Service offers comprehensive facilities with respect to Infrastructure, Communication, Skilled Resources, Transition & Training Plan, Process Guidelines and Operating Procedures to manage and run the entire rebooking activities in a consolidated manner, ensuring efficient services for international carriers.

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