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Special Assistance
Special Assistance : 

We would like to know if you have additional needs, so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance throughout your journey i.e if you are elderly, medical passengers, have faced any temporary accident, due to surgery/ post surgery, reduced mobility due to any kind of Physical disability(sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary) and if there is any intellectual impairment.
  • If you need a wheelchair assistance at the airport, please request us at least 24 hours in advance. Please call our Guest Sales & Reservation Center and inform our staff of your requirements.
  • We allow only Manual / Collapsible Wheelchairs on all SpiceJet flights, limited to 4 per flight.
  • The power wheelchair with a wet cell battery or with a non spillable battery will not be carried on our aircraft.
Companions providing assistance :

If you are not self-reliant (capable of taking care of all your physical needs independently in-flight) e.g. eating, drinking, using the lavatory or administering/ withholding medications. We request you to travel with a ticketed companion who can assist you.

Medical Clearance:

The Medical Clearance will be required only when we have received prior information from the passenger or an escort that the passenger:

  • Suffers from any disease, which is believed to be actively contagious and communicable.
  • Who, because of certain disease, or incapacitation may have or develop an adverse physical condition which could have an adverse effect during flight and on safety and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Would require medical attention and / or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight.
  • There exists a possibility of medical condition aggravated during or because of the flight.

Guests Travelling with Their own wheelchair

If the guest wishes to use their own wheelchair at the airport, they are permitted upto the aircraft, whereupon it will be stored in the overhead bin or under the seat(if collapsible).

Visually impaired passengers :

At the time of booking or at the check in counter, the visually impaired guest must request, a special service for assistance at the airport.

Stretchers, Incubators, Guide Dogs are not allowed on SpiceJet flights due to constraints in the aircraft interior.
Unaccompanied Minors : 

  • SpiceJet will accept children aged between 5-12 years traveling alone as unaccompanied children.
  • SpiceJet charges Rs 500 per child, per one-way trip for offering this service in addition to the applicable fares for their travel.
  • It is mandatory to produce photo identification at the airport for all unaccompanied minors.
  • Guests should complete and sign an Unaccompanied Minor Formo at the departing airports, we will take charge of their custody and on arrival we require the designated recipient to show identification and sign for the UNM's custody.
  • During the trip the children will be escorted by our staff throughout the airport processes and seated in the aircraft where our In-flight personnel will keep a watchful eye on them.
  • Guests above the age of 12 will be expected to travel alone.
Expectant Mothers :

Expectant mothers may travel up to and including the 27 weeks of their pregnancy, and will be accepted between the 28 to 35 weeks only if they are in possession of a doctor's certificate confirming the stage of their pregnancy and stating that they are fit to fly. Expectant mothers 36 weeks and above are not allowed to fly on SpiceJet flights.

Travelling with an Infant :

If you are traveling with an infant, you need to indicate to our Sales & Reservation staff and also indicate it if purchasing the ticket on the internet. If have forgotten to let us know, please call the SpiceJet Sales & Reservation Centre, quoting your booking number and inform our staff that you are flying with an infant.

We always try to accommodate and assist all our customers with additional needs. Safety regulations stipulate that passengers with additional needs may not be seated at emergency exit rows.

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